6tl-32 InLine Testing Center

By July 1, 2009 October 8th, 2019 6tl News

6tl-32 testing center is the answer to all your demands when talking about InLine electronics testing. It is based on versatile and fully autonomous modules, that can be integrated to achieve the desired cycle time in your production line. The testing center is capable to perform ICT, AOI, Hipot and Functional test.

The testing fixture of each autonomus module allows up to two testing stations, enabling to test two DUTs at the same time, or test complementary things in each station, with the resultant cycle time reduction and investment savings. This feature makes possible to perform functional test in one DUT while downloading software in the other one.

The PCB is pressed against the test probes thanks to an electronic servo-pusher. Three height levels can be set in this device in order to select the testing probes that are to contact the DUT depending on the test voltages that are to be applied (Hipot test, FCT test or ICT).

The fixture receiver of each autonomous module has capacity for 25 connectors, that are compatible with YAV switching boards. As a result, we will have wiring savings and an efficient solution.

The interconnection and synchronization of movements is based on CAN bus. Testing data is shared through Ethernet.

Conveyors are managed directly from each autonomous module. A conveyor for turning the DUT around can be added between modules (Optical inspection to each side of the DUT or turn the DUT around for the next process in the production line). Width setting of the conveyor either manual or automatic.

The system coordinates the transportation of DUTs between inlet and outlet through the SMEMA interface, extended toe ase the selection OK/NOK DUTs.

A reader in the input (barcode or matrix reader) is used for statistic data management. In addition, it makes possible the automatic selection of the test executive software and the files to be downloaded into the DUT.

Testing fixtures have all needed information related to maintenance of the spring loaded probes. In addition, they have information about the physical data of the device under test to avoid any mechanical or electric action of the module in the case there’s no coincidence between the product under test code read, the fixture code and the available test executive softwares.

Each module has its own PC integrated to manage the test. A UPS is also available to perform a fully automated start-up and stop operation. The system comes with touch screens and securities and power management unit. 24 height units for integratoin of 19” rack instruments are available (PXI chasis, power supplies, load sor specialized instruments).


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