Are you planning to build your test system?

How 6tl can help you


All components must be defined to fulfill customer requirements with a focus on the standardization of the ATE.
Choose and select the Base Test Platform that fits your production volume and we will help you to define instrumentation and standardize the mass interconnect configuration.

Build to Print

Once defined, your system can be replicated as many times as needed based on the documentation created. Thus, you will be able to test different DUTs in different test platforms with the same instrument configuration.

Mass Interconnect System

6TL YAV Modules avoid the additional cabling needed between the instrumentation and the receiver, which has always been a disadvantage of using a Mass Interconnect System. YAV Modules do not use cables here, so this results in a much better signal integrity due to minimized cable length between instruments, switching and DUT.

Global support

A worldwide partners network allows to have the spare parts required very close to your production premises.
Remotely connected, hour support packs can help you maintain a trouble-free factory. If remotely is not enough, on-site assistance is also offered.


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