Electronic boards test sub-system TTT-1

By January 23, 2009 October 8th, 2019 6tl News

TTT-1 test sub-system is designed for functional and/or incircuit test, for electronic boards and devices up to 400x250mm base dimensions and maximum 70mm height, with a minimum cost of interface adapters.

Using the powerful adapters receiver VPC G12, a reliable connection of signal, power, coaxial, fiber optic, pneumatic or vacuum contacts can be guaranteed for more than 20.000 connections. The maximum capacity is 2.880 connection points.

Using YAV boards with CAN bus for the switching, mounted on the same G12 receiver; a lot of wiring is saved, increasing test speed and precision.

The Interchangeable test adapters have a protective cover for the test needles, for transport or stockade.

The pushers that press the PCB against the needles are mounted in the upper cassette. The movement of those pushers is designed in a way that the final displacement is perpendicular. In this cassette, all the connections needed to communicate the test points on the component’s side of the PCB to the switching box, are mounted.

The Phi6, based on National Instruments Test Stand, is the executive software suggested, because it is structured in a way that every routine can be set/reset by a mouse “click” only. This makes the test configuration and reports very easy.

TTT-1 Platform data


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