Fixture with cameras matrix for Vision Functional Test

By June 11, 2010 October 8th, 2019 6tl News

H72007320 Fixture has been designed to test electronic PC boards with LEDs or devices that feature light sources. This Fixture is a complete subsystem intended to add Functional Vision ability to a standard testing platoform. It is basically conceived as a base fixture enclosure that lodges the color cameras matrix with an area for rapidly connect the device under test. By integrating this fixture into your standard testing platoform, your test system is moving forward into an Optical Inspection one.

The interchangeable test adapter will now be a template placed over the base fixture enclosure, that will cover two main functionalities: mechanical support for the UUT and environmental light blocking. The template features Virginia Panel iCON module used for powering up the unit under test.

Our subsystem is morphology conceived (“base enclosure + template”) so that users using low cost fixturing will be allowed to use this technology for every new product that they wish to test.

By integrating the subsystem into a 6tl-22 platform, we can cover the below functionalities:
• Speed detection of LED position, color and luminance.
• UUT programmable power up and precise measurement of current consumption
• Low cost fixturing, that can be customized depending on UUT dimensions. Self-ident and quick chaneover features.
• Start cycle lever, and bicolor LED indication of test result: PASS/FAIL.
As an option, a calibration pattern for the cameras is available.
• Testing of any Electronic board that features LEDs
• Testing of rear lamps, either PCBs or complete devices
• Testing of TFTs

Click the link below and watch a video of an application showing the subsystem integrated into a 6tl-22 platform. The UUT is a rear lamp (device).

>>>6tl-22 with Cameras Fixture application

The movie is showing how the 6tl-22 is testing an OK rear lamp, and how the 6tl-22 detects the failure in another one. The engineer is operating the system in debug mode (manually), and therefore we can see how the test step is implemented thanks to NI Vision Builder SW.

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