New YAV module to control pneumatic actuators

By March 7, 2009 October 8th, 2019 6tl News

This module includes the complete sub-system to control the pneumatic actuators needed in many test systems. The system is based on 14 micro-electrovalves that can be used to feed simple effect actuators or if combined, they can feed double effect ones. If more powerful actuators are needed in the fixture, two free connectors for direct air inlet can be used (enabling external control of that actuator).

Air pressure input is controled thanks to a lineal sensor.

The VPC connector of the sub-system has in place 14 digital inputs to connect the position sensors of the actuators (+24V, two or three wires).

When a fixture is removed from the platform, the compressed air must be cut to avoid air discharge. To fulfill this requirement, The sub-system has two external digital inputs that can ENABLE/DISABLE the outputs.

The sub-system has a dedicated connector (X3) to control two external coils. Adding to this feature the availability of an analog output, a pressure electropneumatic converter can be controlled.

The sub-system can be CAN bus or USB controlled. Through a DIP switch, the adress of the sub-system can be set, enabling to expand the system with more modules.

The module is delivered with the operation virtual panel that can be directly incorporated in NI TestStand or LabView programs.

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