New YAV90096 test module with up to 96 current sink/source I/O and programmable voltage

By May 30, 2008 October 25th, 2019 6tl News

Each of the 96 output pins of the CAN bus controlled module YAV90096 can be indivi-dually selected as current source, mea-sur&compare input or as electronic load.

The module has been specially designed for complex wirings automatic test, for in-circuit test or for simply current and voltage pro-grammable I/O while the voltage is measured or is compared to a reference value.

CAN bus and board power supply is through a 4 pole connector. The bus is speed selectable.

Time of measurement is reduced by the power of the incorporated microcontroler and his software. The National Instruments available drivers for Lab View and TestStand turn the module into a Plug & Play system, either if assembled independent or put it together with other functions in anyone of the Virginia Panel‘s receivers for interface test adapter.

If several modules are assembled in the same system, each module is automaticaly identified by his function and his ordinal hol-ded position.



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