16-Ch LED Color Analyzer CAN without RCV module

PN: YAV91CLR Category:

  • Analog Light Sensor
  • Calibrated Power Supply RGB
  • CAN Control (or Ethernet with Ethernet to CAN Gateway)
  • w/o VPC Module

The YAV90CLR card allows the intensity and color test of LEDs, in an automatic, precise and cost-effective way. The card has a calibrated RGB light source as a tool for calibration of the 16 channels or for detecting dirt on the optical heads.

Each optical head has an aspherical lens that allows correcting misalignment of the LEDs under test. A POF fiber transmits the light from said head to the ITA connector to reach the YAV card, inside a temperature-controlled mirror chamber (IR compensation) where the RGB sensor matrix is ​​located. You can select the type of power supply for the led (DC or PWM).

The light reaching the camera is processed in parallel (16 channels), comparing it with the preset OK / NOK levels. The test results are transferred to the PC via CAN bus.

The card can operate independently, without dependence on a universal tool receiver.

The supply includes VI from Lab View for card control.

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