19 inch 6U CAN bus ServoPusher module

PN: H71006000 Category:

– Autonomous module for PCB pushing.
– Standard 19″ 6U height rack mounting.
– Three free programmable positions for Hipot, Functional and ICT testing in one run, using different testprobe lengths.
– Pushing force up to 100 kg •
– Power mains supply single phase 230V50-60Hz
– CAN bus control. Includes Virtual Soft Panel
– Precise linear guides. Full Travel 120 mm.
– Maximum DUT heigh 100 mm
– Mechanical safety travel stops
– Operator protection system including end of travel safety stops and safety relay
– Precise mechanical adjustment to meet fixture heigh.
– Servo-controller and electric cabinet integrated
– Two pushers plate available for max. DUT areas: 450×450 and 500×650 mm 6tl precision servo pusher H7100 6000 is the recommended solution for PCB test systems combining Functional, In-Circuit, and Hipot Test in one fixture.It is available as a 19″ Rack atonomous module, including all drive, control and safety components for easy integration in automatic test systems using standard Mass Interconnection Receivers.Includes a servo motor with numerical control driving a precision gearbox, and two robust linear guides for pusher frame travel. It is powered by a standard 230 V AC mains socket and communicates with the host computer by means of a 4 contacts connector for two wire CAN bus and 24VDC electronic control supply, at the back of the Pusher cabinet.In test steps applications that require a combination of test strategies like HiPot measurements, the pusher moves to upper position so only long travel test probes will contact the DUT. After a pass of the HiPot test the pusher moves down to the In-Circuit Test where long, medium and standard travel test probes make contact to the DUT (high voltage is disconnected from test probes by Hi Volt relays). After the In-Circuit Test the pusher moves up 4 mm so only the medium and long travel probes contact the DUT for Functional Testing.A virtual soft panel provided with the system can be used to operate the pusher during installation, debugging and maintenance of test platform.There are two pushers plate frames available to support different DUT length: 450 and 650 mm. Technical data

Mains Power VoltageL1-N230 ± 20%VAC
Mains Power FrequencyF50/60Hz
Maximum Mains Power consumptionPE350W
Maximum Mains Power currentIR5A
Maximum DUT heighHM100mm


Nominal pushing force down travelFP1000N


Nominal lifting force uptravelFL900N
Nominal force at no motion (stopposition)FLM90kg
Maximum Receiver and switchingmodules unit wheigtWM18kg
Maximum Fixture + DUT wheightWF15kg


Communication BusCANId. 29 Bits50 kB/s

Ordering Information

Servo pusher 19” for Off linesystems (with safety guard) 450 x 340 mmH7100 6000
Servo pusher 19” for Off linesystems (with safety guard) 650 x 340 mmH7100 6001
Servo pusher 19” for In linesystems (without safety guard) 450 x 340 mmH7100 6003
Servo pusher 19” for In line systems(without safety guard) 650 x 340 mmH7100 6004
Servo lifter 19” for In line systemswith Gemini 25 Receiver and YAV90 series boardsH7100 6006
Fixture 7250 ITA G12 PCB 370×270H7200 7250
Fixture 7301 ITA G12 PCB 470×270H7200 7301
Pushers Cassette,  450 mmwide, with 10 pushers 7200.7945H7200 7945
Pushers Cassette,  650 mmwide, with 10 pushers 7200.7965H7200 7965
96 Pin Cassette connection module87100 6090
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Servo Pusher 7100.6000 datasheet
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