6TL60. Four stations rotary table test system

  • Compact and high dynamic units
  • Electronic indexing by numerical control
  • Two different simultaneous DUTs
  • Protection hearing barriers and automatic cycle start
  • Automatic connection of fixture and actuators
  • Three independent test stations
  • Ethernet and CAN bus connectivity
  • Controlled reject channel option

For efficient production

Rotary plate test rigs provide great productivity benefits. While the apparatus under test is stopped at the loading and unloading station, different operations are performed simultaneously in the other three remaining stations.

The 6TL60 platforms provide notable competitive advantages: Standard fixture kit, with automatic connection of sensors and fixing actuators. Start of manual or automatic cycle by releasing the safety barriers once the device under test has been replaced. In addition, they have the option of a rejection channel that blocks production until a piece evaluated as defective is not introduced into it.

The positioning is totally electronic, controlled by a servo motor with numerical control and absolute encoder. The executive test program admits the random combination of the test of two different products, when the fixture has been designed for it.

Download the full brochure here: Four stations rotaty table test system 6TL60