96 Sink/Source Inputs/Outputs ITA side

PN: YAV90096I Categories: ,

  • Programmable Output Voltage
  • Power Supply 4 or 16mA
  • Multimeter DC on each pin
  • Comparator 4 Vdc on each pin
  • ITA Form module
  • CAN Control (or Ethernet with Ethernet to CAN Gateway)
  • Drivers dll & VIs available

The 96 pin of the VPC Tri-paddle connector of the YAV90096 board, are software configurated input/output, selectable as current source or sink for electronic loads.

To keep its compatibility with the active boards of the YAV family, the power supply and CAN Bus signals from the tri-paddle connector, are connected to it corresponding pins, through the set of jumpers JP1.

Each one of the 96 connection pin can be can be programmed as current source, selectable between 2 or 16mm, an at the same time as an input of a comparator with a fix reference of 4 Volts, and also to an impedance adapter, commutable into a bus to one analog to digital input of the microcontroller.

Voltage of current source outputs can be programmed between 5 to 20 VDC

The control of the module is through CAN bus. The supply includes National Instruments LabView virtual control panel and operating software for a true Plug & Play operation.

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