AL372 OEM conveyor

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  • PCB up to 450 x 500 mm or with palletized devices
  • Automatic and fail-safe PCB width adjustment with previous machine
  • Long conveyor belts like thanks to fully synchronization PCB delivery
  • Open to the standard interfaces: SMEMA-9851, IPC-Hermes-9852 and Ethernet
  • TFT screen Man-Machine-Interface with safety power and temperatures control
  • Full system self-test option available
  • CNC controlled high dynamic brushless motors
  • Buit-in mechanic and electric self-test

The AL372 OEM-linking conveyor is and add-on device to install in the inline test systems, adding a return channel for “NOK” DUTs or for pallets return.

The conveyor width is automatically adjusted according to the line settings.

It integrates SMEMA-9851 and IPC-SMEMA-Hermes 9851 to make it compatible with all kind of standard electronic process machinery.

Download the full brochure here: AL372