FACTS by CIM.AS imports your test data, consolidates them in a database and
gives you instant and easy access through it’s friendly, web-based user interface.
The analysis reports provide quick overviews of key production performance and
product quality indicators, e.g. Cp, Cpk, Mean, Distribution etc, and enable you
to focus your efforts where it really matters.

FACTS automatically imports production test results from automated testers. All test results are statistically analysed and stored in a central database. The database allows easy user access to the testdata by search & select criteria in a web-based user interface. While importing the test results, FACTS automatically monitors for any alarm conditions in the imported results (WECO rules) or in the monitored production process index values (Cpk).

•  Production net yield•  Production error pareto
•  Test step mean value•  Test step standard deviation
•  Handling and test time•  Production repair pareto
•  Test step Cp values•  Test step Cpk values

FACTS provides you with indepth insights into your production test results. Using these insights provides your production processes with:

  • Early warnings about production irregularities
  • Fact based feedback to supply chain and production
  • Identify process improvement possibilities
  • Track and monitor process improvements
  • Error reports are automatically created in CIM Paperless Repair
  • Direct production quality measurement using Cpk and Cp values
  • Personalise your dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Create presentations, and info screens with the automated Kiosk Mode

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