YAV90084 10Ch Electronic Potentiometer 8 bit

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10x Electronic Potentiometer 8-bit resolution -256 steps-
10x Current source 0(4)..20mA
10x Analog Output (Buffer for voltage or frequency)

The YAV90084 can work autonomously as a 10Ch electronic potentiometer of 8 bit resolution. By default, it features 10kOhm resistors), but other resistor values can be assembled under request.

The module features direct connection from two National Instruments cards, the NI PXI-6723 and the NI PXI-6345, to the mass interface module (Virginia Panel), meaning that when in combination with the named cards, the YAV90084 will feature 10Ch current sources, and 10Ch analog outupts.

The applications for the YAV90084 are:
– Emulation of resistors in test systems
– Calibration of devices or instruments featuring 0(4=..20mA input
– Frequency or voltage set points

Download the full brochure here: YAV90084