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6TL is a test solutions provider for the electronics device manufacturers worldwide.

We, at 6TL, have redefined the way ATE integrators build their systems. Thanks to using commercial off the shelve hardware and software blocks, project delivery times can be shortened, and cost effective-top reliable solutions can be builtDavid Batet, CEO

6TL is pioneer in applying the modularity concept to the design of Automated Test Equipment for electronics products.

FastATE technology is the core to develop turn-key solutions that are truly modular, scalable and flexible, and thus we help to make the job of both, the test engineers and the budget managers, much easier.

Thanks’s to FastATE, test engineers do not have to address the recurrent tasks of every project: a 6TL module already completes these tasks for them. Each module selected is a high-level block that covers a function of the ATE, and works together with the rest making in the end a real modular and flexible production test solution.

The resulting test solution, will be easily documented and smooth to become the standard for the production, since the standarization is in the genetics of the FastATE technology.

Depending on our customer requirements, our supply scope ranges from individual modules, so that own-integration can be done, to fully automated turn-key systems, supported worldwide.

Reducing the Cost of Test is everyone’s goal:

6TL’s FastATE technology will enable you to offer to the production floor, the best solution in the shortest period of time and for the best price.

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Our base test Platforms serve as the ideal foundation for OEMs and Integrators who need to build and maintain high quality test system solutions.

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