6TL60 Rotary Test Handler

  • Rotary test handler 6TL60 able to test DUTs at Pcba or end-product level.
  • 5 Test positions + DUT Loading/Unloading position.
  • ICT, FCT, Boundary Scan, HiPot Test, Flashing, Labelling/Laser Marking, etc.
  • DUT Exchange time <5s
  • Max. DUT dimension 350x250mm.
  • 19” rack space for instruments integration: 40UH
  • 9,5″ rack space for instruments integration: 12UH
  • Receiver 8 slots in the fixture + 4 slots in the push plate
  • CE Compliant.

Available on back-order

6TL60 has been designed according to the 6TL philosophy, following the concepts of flexibility, modularity and scalability, and with the aim of improving production efficiency as well as increase production capacity and reduce costs.

The 6TL60 is the best production solution to automate test processes to reduce the cycle time and the footprint used in the manufacturing plan

Keep looking for the standardization!

Download the full brochure here for more information: Rotary Test Handler

Additional information


Production volume


Receiver Capacity

Maximum Dimensions PCB

UUT Contact

Max TP

Functional Test

Incircuit Test

Boundary Scan Test

RF Test

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