A brief of events during the 6TL Sales Meeting 2014

By September 16, 2014 March 19th, 2020 6tl News

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One month ago, from 15th to 17th of September, 6TL hosted some of his partner companies belonging to the European distribution network, to celebrate the Second 6TL Sales Meeting.

8 distributor companies plus the 6TL staff were sharing experiences during 19 sessions as well as during the leisure time, all along a 3 days event.

Below you can see the list of the sessions as well as a brief on its content:

1. Keynote 1: Accelerating growth. David reviews the evolution of 6TL since 2009 up to date, and encourages the attendees to push for more sales, based on the maturity of the 6TL project and past experiences.
2. Factory tour: We all visit the group’s Contract Manufacturer, Digiproces, the real production environment where 6TL systems are tested, as well as the 6TL area, where the modular and flexible FastATE systems are cooked.
3. FastATE concept: Peter van Oostrom presents once again the FastATE concept, the value of 6TL, which is about making the live easier for those in charge of integration of ATE thanks to 6TL’S portofolio: Modules and Base test platforms.
4. YAV modules: David does a brief overview of the new YAV modules added into the family (YAV90070 Programmable power supply, YAV90069 matrix, YAV90G10 RF mux…) as well as the best sellers and the reason why they are best sellers (YAV90132, YAV904X8, YAV90128, YAVCANCON, YAV9COM6…).
5. Test platforms: David goes through the Base test platform, from 6TL08 bench top, to 6TL33 in-line. The integration levels that 6TL is able to supply are also defined; First level: just platform integration, and the second level, fixture HW integration; the second level is only considered by 6TL if there’s repeat business or high added value.
6. Role Play, Selling YAV modules to customer. David highlights the added value of the YAV modules (zero cables, behind receiver, part of FastATE concept…) and explains the fact that a new YAV module will always be considered if there’s some minimum quantity.
7. Keynote 2: Trends and Innovation. Jordi Batet, Sistelgroup’s president, talks about the trends in the electronics products due to the concepts ‘Smart’ and ‘Bigdata’, and how 6TL will adapt his portofolio to that.
8. Support from 6TL. David explains the client oriented mindset of 6TL staff, and the channels available to connect to 6TL.
9. Value Proposition: David challenges the attendees to define the value proposition of 6TL: “We have products that are helping integrators reduce their overall cost and improve their speed when integrating their test system”
“Our products are solving typical recurring problems that any test engineer is facing when thinking in the test system”
10. Working with 6TL, triangle model: David explains the triangle model, which is about the interation between 6TL and the end customer in the cases where the integrator/distributor is not adding value.
11. Success Stories: MIC. Gunter Seipolt explains the process to get a YAV module listed in the ERP of a Big company through the Continental case that he has been managing during the last years.
12. Success Stories: ATE Solutions: Steve Lees goes through the value that 6TL is adding to his company and how he managed to get repeat business based on 6TL base test platform and his integration services.
13. Success Stories: CIM. Anders Meister does a demonstration of CIM’s Flexstand Lite, a nice software environment that helps towards the standardization of the operator interface and makes programming a test sequence with 6TL modules much easier thanks to the added test stand step types for 6TL.
14. Success Stories: Columbia. Mats Klarholm explains how Columbia managed to engage a Contract Manufacturer to go with 6TL platform as standard in cooperation with 6TL Support.
15. Success Stories: Romex.Peter van Oostrom explains the success he had in Belgium with a worldwide account that standardizes the 6TL-08 as repair station.
16. Configuring a test rack. Angel Marin, from 6TL’s support team, explains the steps he follows to configure a test rack, from spec to PIW (Platform Integration Wiring document).
17. Role Play. Selling a test platform. David highlights the value of the 6TL base test platforms and explains some tricks to engage customers.
18. What customers should we approach and how. David uses the ‘Selling the wheel’ book from Jeff Cox as a guideline to define our target customers, our competitors and why they want what we are selling. We then go through some accounts world-wide that are already 6TL users.
19. Russia Project: David goes through the story of the project done last 2013, where 6TL supplied 5 in-line systems plus more than 15 fixtures to a Russian manufacturer of Set-Top-Boxes. This turn-key was considered because was seen as strategic to develop the today’s 6TL’s highes production system 6TL33.



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