Boundary Scan Resources Unit, YAV90JTAx

By July 31, 2012 March 19th, 2020 6tl News

6TL’s Boundary Scan Resources Unit (BSRU), YAV90JTAx is an IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) compatible unit to test both JTAG and Non-JTAG circuits. This standalone and modular expandable BSRU can replace an In-Circuit tester for modern IC capsules and multilayer PCBs, with capabilities of opens&shorts circuits detection, logic levels forcing/sensing, flash memory programming, serial data checking, analog I/O’s,…
JTAG Boundary Scan signals con be controlled either through an external commercial interface plugged to CN1 or by using the build-in USB to JTAG converter.

YAV module form factor permits the placement of the unit into the VPC standard mass connection receiver; As a direct consequence, the investment will be shared with different projects, and the electrical performance of the unit will increase drastically.

The basic module, YAV90JTAG, features 128 Digital I/O’s, while the expansion module, YAV90JTAH, is featuring 80 Digital I/O’s, 8 Analog In, 8 Analog Out and up to 8 serial interface channels. The two modules can be used together to get an enlarged I/O’s unit.

XJTAG and JTAG Technologies are supporting 6TL BSRU through their swoftware libraries.

YAV9JTAG modules supported by JTAG Technologies

6TL´s Boundary Scan Resources Unit


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