High voltage routers for wide Hipot test coverage

By June 23, 2020 6tl News
high voltage matrix for hipot test

The Hipot test which manufacturers are required to perform under the CE directives for safety testing is mostly based on the standards by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and EN (European Norms). Some of these specifications compel the use of a Hipot tester with as much as 500 voltamperes (VA) of output power.

The 19’’ rack high voltage matrix is designed to select the test injection points to perform Hipot essays on motors, electronic devices and other industrial products.
High voltage relays can be up to 5kV (A version), 10 kV (B version) or 15 kV (C version). The high voltage matrix is available with a different number of active relays.

The high voltage switching matrix modules can be configured with 4 to 64 test points for each of the two high voltage poles. They have a discharge relay that can be controlled by CAN bus or automatically activated when the device is disabled, ensuring safety from electrical issues.
This product range meets the requirements to certify insulation in household devices, motor windings or wire harnesses.

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