12-Ch 10A RCV Power Distribution Unit

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  • Hardware controlled Enable Input
  •  12 Power relays up to 10A 250VAC/DC and 300W or 2.700VA switching power
  • 12 10-mOhm current measurement shunts
  • 6 Switched 2-Pole sense channels
  • Single phase isolated or 3-Phases non-isolated switching capabilities, to or from the device under test (power or load)
  • 10A 96-Pins VPC tripaddle module
  • NI LabVIEW VI’s and DLL drivers
  • CAN Bus control with back connectors

YAVAR438 module helps with interconnection, power supply and load switching, monophasic and triphasic, adding the current measurement capability up to 10A.
Enable input helps for a safe relay disconnection. It is a quick electrical -hardware- disconnection of the relays and is designed to be an auxiliary safety element, so that loads cannot reach the device under test.
The average current is measured with a 10mOhm shunt resistor. The measurement can be done with the system’s own multimeter.
Each power relay has two independent cycle counters for total cycles and dangerous short cycles.

Download the full brochure here: AR438CD000E01

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