19” Cabinet / RF testing platform for ATx05 drawers

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  • Up to 6GHz
  • Small footprint: 600 x 1000 mm
  • Embedded automatic receiver for RF Drawer test cells
  • 25-Modules Receiver with automatic engagement and housing for YAV Modules
  • 24U High in 19” Rack (18U free)
  • Power: L1-N 110 or 230V 50-60Hz and 6 Bar compressed air
  • Speed controlled fans for cabinet temperature control
  • Wells with brake and adjustable fix supports
  • Side-to-side stackable and interface available for robot load/unload

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Test RF devices in the best modular way

The functional test of modern devices with wireless connectivity always requires RF isolated cameras, as the only way to have the parameters controlled and to guarantee operation under the specified conditions.

In contrast to the PCB-level test, generally the number of connections required in the Device-level test is less, but not the complexity of introducing cables into the chamber, with minimal loss of attenuation. There are a number of specialized filters to cover signal pass-through on coaxial cables, LVDS, power supplies, and general-purpose low-frequency signals. Also compressed air and fiber optics.

The AT118 platform is designed to accommodate RF test boxes up to 6-GHz with a high level of attenuation of external RF waves. The drawers have absorbent on their internal walls to avoid interference due to radio waves rebound.

The large space for instrumentation and easy access from the outer door facilitate inspection and maintenance operations.

The cabinet temperature is monitored by the MMI module, which modulates the speed of two hot air extraction fans.

This test platform allows manual or automated loading / unloading with a collaborative robot (cobot), for which the stacking of units side-by-side is planned, occupying a minimum of floor space.

When the robot has to feed several test stations, the “Dispatcher” software loaded in one of the stations, performs the coordination with the Robot. This software is customized according to the brand / model of the chosen cobot.


Download the full brochure here: AT118