Fixture Self-Test Controller and Calibration Check

PN: AQ818 Category:

  • DMM calibration check
    • Ohms (0,1 %) 1R, 100R, 1K, 100K, 1M, 100M
    • DC Voltage (0,01%) 2V5
    • DC Current (0,01%) 4 mA
    • AC Voltage (0,5%) 10…100 kHz 5Vpp
    • Functions: Sinus, triangle, square and 2-Phase 90º
    • Trigger pulse output
  • YAV switching self-test modules
  • Up to 25 test adapter multiplexing modules
  • High current loads switching
    • Up to 16 High power external relays
  • VPC modules compatible
    • Tripaddle: Signal, power and coax
    • Quadrapaddle
    • Pneumatic
  • 24VDC power input
  • CAN bus up to 1 Mbps

The module AQ818 includes all the electronic blocks required to perform an effective test platform self-test. Thanks to this module, a chain of tests can be performed, which will end up not only with a report of the defective instruments or switch modules, but also with the relay contacts live expectancy report.

The AQ818 is supported by the YAV modules self-test counterparts, which are Virginia panel ITA modules wired to multiplex the switching modules and therefore check the relays contact status with accurate current procedure (wetting). That will ensure its capabilities even for very low voltages and currents.

As an option to the AQ818 self-test module, the self-test software by 6TL, performs the self-test procedure, which starts with a check of the test platform control computer (CPU check through Ethernet) and a basic measurement instrumentation calibration check (DMM and optionally a Digitizer, since they will be the master to check all the resources). If this first step is OK, all the remaining test platform resources are tested: measurement, stimulus, I/Os, switching and communication channels.

The software includes the YAV switching modules operations history in number of operations, short time between switching, contact resistance and expected operation life. It is easily configurable according the test platform requirements.

Download the full brochure here: AQ818