End of Line test system for automotive seats

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  • Up to 4 DUTs simultaneously
  • Manual or automatic DUT insertion (collaborative robot)
  • Loads installed and switched in the fixture
  • Two compatible fixture sizes in the same platform
  • Selectable fixture for vertical or side contact to the ECU
  • Programmable power supply
  • Easily interchangeable fixture
  • Quick DUT attachment
  • CE approved

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AS519 is specifically designed to perform ECU’s EOL tests in the automotive industry. It integrates a programmable power supply up to 20V 20A with high reading resolution. Interaction with the DUT is established through CAN bus by an interphase adapter in a USB port of the test managing computer.

The platform admits up to 4 fixtures to improve manufacturing productivity. The fixture is made of specially designed connectors with long lifespan contacts.

Power supply of the DUT (power supply enable) is conditioned to the fixture closure, with the safety relay placed in the power management module (MMI).

Download the full brochure here: End of Line test system for automotive seats.