EOL RF Functional Test

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  • 6GHz compact and cost-effective
  • 19” rack and very reduced footprint
  • Functional RF configuration with pneumatic fixture
  • VPC Mass Interconnect modules for more than 20.000 mattings guarantee
  • Platform transport wheels with lock
  • ESD Safe
  • All internal needs covered: ISP, Vision, Actuators, Sound
  • Electric power control, distribution, safety and Man-Machine interface included
  • Very cost-effective fixture options
  • CE approved

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With this RF test platform, integrable according to the specific needs of the product, we cover a very wide range of test needs with manual feeding.

Ergonomics have been fully observed in the design, including the option of servo adjustment of the working height according to the operator.

The AS652 platform work with very low-cost test tools, but without sacrificing the quality of the connections at all, with VPC modules guaranteed for more than 20,000 inserts. The difference between the two is its instrumentation capacity with depths of up to 500mm.

The platforms AS652 admit fixtures with or without Fardaday or Anechoick chamber, expanding its field of application to tests almost universal electronic test. The fixture receiver has 12 slots for VPC Series 90 Modules.

The test platform is equipped with the H7300.0700 Power Control and Man-M; Machine Interface (MMI) and a smart CEE 7/7 socket outlet with programmed startup sequence H7300.08FS, a power supply 24VDC 100W and safety relay for operator protection.

With the integration of YAV switch cards, engineering and wiring of integrations is quick and easy. In addition to configuring customized systems, the standardization of all the reusable material for adaptation to new projects.

Download the full brochure here: EOL RF Functional Test.