Faraday Chamber for RF w/exchangeable cassettes 340x350mm RCV 9025 for 6TL36

Thanks to this kit, attachable to the 6TL36 test handler, RF applications from 700MHz to 6GHz can be tested in-line. The attenuation if 55dB at 3GHz. Use AN134 exchangeable plates with this chamber.

Available on backorder

The Faraday Chamber is an add-on for the 6TL36 test handler. This kit is installed into the 6TL36 in the same way a normal test fixture would be installed, being the only difference the fact that different products to be tested will, from that moment on, only need an additional exchangeable cassettes to be tested.

The Faraday chamber is able to attenuate around 55dB. Detail on attenuation levels at different frequencies listed below:

  • 700MHz, 57dB
  • 900MHz, 50dB
  • 2100MHz, 50dB
  • 2400MHz, 55dB
  • 6GHz, 57dB

Download the full brochure here: AN133

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