In-Line RF test station

PN: AP770 Category:

  • ICT, Functional, Hipot, Vision, ISP and RF test with low cost fixtures in a very compact test station footprint
  • Works with PCBs up to 450×550 mm or with palletized devices
  • Space for up to 25 VPC mass interconnect modules or YAV switching units
  • Input conveyor unit with auto positioning PCB wide field code reader and 32” test line monitor that provides operator safety function
  • Pre-wired for second PCB code reader (top and bottom)
  • Long life of conveyor belts thanks to fully synchronized PCB delivery speed ramps
  • Space for 19” instruments and optional return to front conveyor
  • Standard interfaces: SMEMA-9851 and IPC-HERMES-9852 (Ethernet)
  • TFT screen Man-Machine-Interface with safety, power and temperatures control
  • Build-to-print system with extremely short cables. High precision and accuracy results
  • Very fast fixture set replacement (less than 3 minutes) with self-engagement and release
  • Full system self-test option available
  • CNC controlled hi-dynamic brushless motors
  • Build-in mechanic and electric platform self-test

The AP770 in-line handler, single conveyor with push-down fixture technology, is prepared to work with open fixtures and RF fixtures. It includes important innovations in the detection and transport of the device under test: double beam laser detectors, accurate in detecting the front of printed circuits, even with milled slots.

The transport conveyor is driven by numerically controlled motors and feedback for precise positioning that allows the PCB to be moved without mechanical stops.

The input conveyor has position synchronism with the test conveyor and has room for two 2D code readers with automatic positioning. Optionally a second reader can be easily connected. It has a wide 19” rack for instruments as well as SMEMA 9851 and IPC-Hermes 9852 interfaces.

Download the full brochure here: In-Line RF test station