RF testing to optimize productivity and reduce costs

By July 6, 2020 October 7th, 2020 6tl News
RF inline testing

This Functional and RF test platform combines outstanding productivity with substantial equipment savings. The Faraday chamber of the fixture comes with an interchangeable cassette to minimize the testing cost of each new product.

The In-Line RF and Functional test platforms are composed of the AQ580 input conveyor integrating a code reader, the DUT management computer and up to four AR925 test modules with a set of standard measurements covering the vast majority of needs when testing and programming electronic cards. Its test capabilities can be complemented with LEDs measurement.

The by-pass facilitates the integration of up to four units in-line, saving space and therefore investment in PCB transport.
The test modules include thirty 19” height units free for a quick integration of future instruments.
The MMI 7300.10 module offers an intelligent management of energy, maintenance hours and temperature and ventilation.

It is completely safe for personnel: security contacts on all doors, remote emergency stop button integrated and all related safety functions linked between platforms on the line.

The interface with the front and rear machines as well as the information transfer of test results are guaranteed by SMEMA connectors according to Standard 9851 and an IPC-HERMES 9852 Ethernet port.

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