The challenge:

Minimize size of test platform.
Test in panel.
Program all DUTs with only one programmer device.
Check LEDs intensity of DUT.
Read and print labels with SN and result after test sequence.
Possibility to test only one DUT disassembled.


Thanks to using a 6TL-08 test platform, we are able to test 12-DUT panel PCB at same time in a reduced size. With YAV90059’s we have enough capacity to multiplex all measurement for all DUTs and programming. With fastATE® Technology, we could integrate all instruments and traceability devices, like NI VirtualBench or barcode reader, in our test platform software Phi6 very easily, reducing complexity and facilitating operation for our customer. Also, under request of our customer, a depanelled single DUT can be tested, enabling the platform as a post-sales repair service. Thanks to the flexible multiplexer YAV90059, we could route all the needed signals to do firmware downloading and test for all the encoders.


Thanks to fastATE® technology, we could fulfill the specification, integrate a test system and develop a test sequence in less than 4 weeks. The customer was able to start production without delays thanks to having the reduced-footprint-portable-platform and fixture on time. In addition, thanks to the exchangeable cassette system featured by the 6TL08, future projects that customer may have, will also be deployed by using the same platform.


Jaume Montiel