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By May 19, 2020 October 7th, 2020 6tl News
benchtop functional test

The 6TL08 family of electronic card testers has been developed to meet the average production needs with the best cost-effectiveness. It is available in three different sizes, depending on the maximum dimensions of the product to be checked.

The BASIC option allows functional testing, with measurements of voltages and currents in AC and DC up to 600V, resistances, capacities and frequencies. Its main advantage is that the generation of the test program is extraordinarily simple. Just fill out the spreadsheet template with the steps to check, its acceptable margins and the actions to follow if it fails. Normal operation does not require a computer. This is only necessary to write and debug the program and to store the results.

The ADVANCED option also includes an oscilloscope, a waveform generator and a logic analyzer. It works with a built-in personal computer and a TFT screen as the graphic interface for program development and debugging and test tracking.

With the PLUS option the system is supplied with a chassis for PXI modules and can be considered fully open to current and future configurations simply by expanding the stimulation and measurement resources.
All models can integrate industrial flash memory programmers from 1 to 8 ports.


  • Low-Medium volume / High-Mix production
  • Flash memories programming
  • Boundary scan test
  • Hipot test (up to 3kV)
  • In-line platforms fixture debugging
  • Prototypes test Lab
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