New In-Line Flashing Station to boost your In-system programming process!

By May 22, 2020 October 7th, 2020 6tl News
in-line flashing station

Brand new launch by 6TL! Boost your In-system programming process with the new 6TL AR302 In-Line Flashing Station.

The In-Line Flashing Station is designed with the most innovative numeric movement control technologies and ensures reliability and precision for its entire long life. It does not require compressed air supply.
Width transport adjustment is automatic and determined directly by the program, the product P/N or the input conveyor position. It operates with low cost fixtures and equipped mass interconnect with guaranteed connections for more than 20.000 inserts suitable for data transmission speeds of up to 100 MHz.

The platform integrates as standard a 2D code reader mounted on the input side for reading on the top side of the PCB, with guide and motor for automatic position adjustment. It also includes an Ethernet switch with PoD for 16 ports.
Additional accessories: additional code reader with automatic position adjustment for the lower side.
SMEMA-9851 and IEC-SMEMA-Hermes 9852 interface in addition to CAN bus for data transfer of the width to previous and following machines.

Download the full brochure here: AR302CD000E01



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