128 DIOs JTAG Boundary Scan Resources Unit

PN: YAV9JTAG Categories: ,

  • 80 DIOs
  • 8 AIs
  • 8 AOs
  • Compatible with all JTAG suppliers

Boundary-scan is a widely practiced test methodology that is reducing costs, speeding development, and improving product quality for electronics manufacturers around the world. By relying on an industry standard, IEEE 1149.1, it is relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive to deploy a highly effective test procedure. In addition, today’s PCBs have little alternative because of limited access to board-level circuitry.

Production test is an obvious area in which the use of boundary-scan yields tremendous returns. Automatic test program generation and fault diagnostics using boundary-scan software products and the lack of expensive fixture requirements can make the entire test process very economical. The YAV9JTAG and YAV9JTAH are BSRU (Boundary Scann Resource Units) and has been developed for products that contain BGA IC’s, edge connect-ors and digital interfaces that are not visible from the boundary-scan chain, and provide a low cost alternative to expensive digital pin electronics.

With the YAV9JTAG boards set, you will improve reliability of your systems by increasing analogue, digital and interface test coverage, reducing your debug time by enhanced fault isolation.

The use of its build-in USB/JTAG interface as a JTAG probe, you have open all the hardware Boundary Scann possibilities, from BS component pins reading and writing to SDRAM/SRAM/Flash Memory Test and programming.

Your custom test fixtures will be less expensive due to the reduction of hardware and wiring complexity.

• Hardware regressing testing, BGA’s and board test
• High speed IOs
• JTAG Probe
• Boundary Scann Test
• Flash, FPGAs and CPLDs programming


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