The challenge:

Minimize amount of wires from test platform to Faraday cage inside test fixture.
Minimize programming lines wire length.
Minimize number of programmers needed to work with 4 devices in parallel.

The solution:

The Algocraft device is installed inside a test fixture system, where four devices are placed to be programmed and tested in parallel. Since devices are RF sensitive, a Faraday cage is used to shield the device from external RF interferences.
Wiring to Faraday cage is reduced to RF shielded RS-232 communication. Each of the four WN-REB04A sites is wired to one of the device under test position, with wiring length of less than 0,2m, keeping high speed data transfer.


With the Algocraft
WN-REB04A we were able to achieve our client needs. With the programmer reduced dimensions, we could install it inside the Faraday cage, which was a key factor in the success of the project.
Decreasing wiring length, made the programming operation more robust and fast. Decreasing wiring to the Faraday cage increased the performance of the RF shield and reduced the maintenance cost.


Raimon Pousa, Test Systems Engineer