The solution:

We are using XJTAG in the End Of Line test system based on 6TL-22. It covers 80% of the functional test requested by THE customer, a manufacturer of slot machines. The device under test is the main board that controls the slot machine.


The XJTAG system is integrated with other test equipment for a full functional test. It is integrated in a standard 6TL22 test platform, with 6TL’s YAV boards for led testing and analog measurements. We use the XJTAG Labview driver to integrate the test with the rest of the functional test.

The most valuable point of using boundary scan, is that we can test BGA devices, SRAM and SIMM devices, all them present in the slot machine controller.


By using the XJTAG boundary scan environment, we significantly improved fault detection and repair by creating a report that points to the electronic device with a fault.
The number of test needles of the fixture have been reduced, avoiding electrical contact errors in the test. In addition, thanks to the coverage given by the boundary scan, there have been a reduction in the hardware needed to get the maximum coverage with the functional test.


Raimon Pousa, Test Systems Engineer


David Batet, Business Unit Manager