The challenge:

Our challenge was to develop a new generation of multi function PCB testers, that had to be highly flexible, easy upgradable, based upon standard components and with a low degree of maintenence.
Furthermore the system had to be compatible with our in-house test engine.

The solution:

The system is based upon the test platforms from 6TL, fixtures from Columbia, connectors and wiring from VPC and standard instruments from several vendors.

6TL´s modular platforms with YAVBOARDS allows us to minimize our signal paths, extend the functionality of the tester by adding another specific card and reduce our development time because 6TL provides a large variety of cards with different functionalities.

The interaction with our in-house test engine was possible because 6TL was able to provide low level commands to each module.


By using the 6TL platform as a base we have achived to satisfy our expectations for our new generation of PCB testers.
During the development of the tester we have experienced that 6TL provides good technical support, and seems to react on user inputs when it comes to new ideas.


Martin Skov, Systems Engineer at VELUX A/S