High Performance Linking Conveyor 765mm

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  • Speed control 50-1.600mm/s
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Kit with Auto positioning code reader (Option: two code readers, Top and Bottom.
  • Fulfills SMEMA and Hermes standard.
  • ESD edge belt
  • Dimensions: 770x805x1139mm.
  • Maximum DUT size 450x382mm.

Available on backorder

The high performance linking conveyor from 6TL is an option for the users of 6TL36 handling technology. The 6TL36 needs a high performance conveyor in the inlet, that is able to synchronize with the conveyor inside the handling system, so that the UUT can be stopped without phisical stopper, to further proceed with the contacting operation.

Download the full brochure here: Linking conveyor and dual conveyor