The challenge:

• To test electronic boards in a fast and safe way for the operator.
• The test must be automatic and the information must be registered in
the database.
• The test should avoid manual connections.
• The programming language must be LabVIEW.


6TL has open platforms to solve a wide range of necessities which allows to integrate a large amount of available instrumentation. The test equipment can be easily extended or modified.
The switching elements are integrated in the connectors panel, what reduce and simplify the internal cabling, and therefore the developing time.
The fixture provided avoids all the manual connections and safe time, giving safety to the test.
The 6TL instrumentation can be managed easily with LabVIEW.
6TL also provides consultancy in case of necessity, with direct support and answers if needed.


The electronic boards are tested in a safe and efficient way, testing all the board’s components and functionalities. The traceability can be assured and there is a notable improvement in the reliability of the product.


Imanol Corbacho