The challenge:

·Build a compact polivalent test platform
·Build standardized platform for easy integration of external devices.
·Easy customization of the ATE
·Provide switching, inputs and outputs functions without the use of any external devices
·Allow multiple communications between DUT’s and PC.


With the aim to provide a half-finished test solution for a specific requirement, the 6TL-19 base test platform was designed and built following the modular FastATE principle.
Thanks to FastATE, 19” test racks are available in different form factors, to facilitate the integration of ATE’s. To walk towards the standardization of the ATE is easier with the modular FastATE approach that allows the final customer to finalize the test system according to his particular requirements.
In addition to the 19” rack system, 6TL’s platforms use the Virginia Panel mass interconnect system to allow additional specific connections between the instrumentation and the test fixture. Easy access to the Virginia Panel parts and extremely simplicity of installation, together with the 19” rack system, makes the job to assemble a test platform an easy one without the need of high specialized technicians.
Regarding switching and I/O analog and digital functions, the 6TL’s YAV modules installed into the receiver (Mass interconnect) solve all the test necessities without any additional devices, and thanks to having them in the receiver, there’s more space in the platform for the installation of other devices.
The YAV9COM6 module is solving all the communications requirements without the need to develop any specific interconnection solution between platform and fixture. Cabling is fixed just by using either RJ45 or DB9 standard connectors.
The software developed for the control of YAV modules makes it easy the development of test sequences. It is able to do it without any specific software knowledge, by simply adding YAV control steps in the test sequence software used by the customer.


Thanks to FastATE technology, 6TL can provide test platforms in any level of development, allowing the final integration of the system for a particular product, to be done by the customer.