ATE Self Test Fixtures

  • PC status diagnostic through its Ethernet port
  • Check the calibration of the DMM, Digitizer and Generator of arbitrary waveforms
  • Diagnosis of the state of the relay contacts, measuring their resistance with four wires technique. On YAV switching cards, additionally, information on the number of normal switching cycles and short cycles
  • Check logic and analog I/ O
  • Check power supplies (Up to 8), electronic loads and SMU’s, with power load resistors
  • Pre-wired for up to 25 test adapter modules
  • Management of external power relays
  • Made for different ITA’s: 9025, G12X, G12 & 6TL-8
  • Control by CAN bus. Automatic identification of the diagnostic fixture and selection of the specific test executive program
  • Modular software, parametric and adaptable to new devices
  • Electronic results report, exportable to PDF

AL663 fixtures include all the electronic parts required to perform an effective test platform diagnostic. The AQ818 device allows to perform a series of tests, obtaining a report of the faulty instruments or switch modules and also a report about the relay contacts estimated life.

The AL663 is based on Self Test modules by 6TL, which match with 6TL YAV boards placed in the mass interconnect receiver. It checks the relay contacts status, ensuring their functionalities even for very low voltages and currents.
All that hardware operates with 6TL’s diagnostic software to perform the test sequence, starting by checking the control computer (through Ethernet) and basic measurement instrumentation like DMM.

After approval of this first step, all the remaining instruments regarding measurement, stimulus, I/Os, switching and communication channels will be tested. The software includes all switching modules, contact resistance and expected operation life.
It is easily configurable according to the test platform requirements and it is available for different ITA frames.

Download the full brochure here: AL663